Continuous Professional Development Programme


Supporting you to be the best teacher you can be!

Our intent is to create a culture of continuous learning for trainees by giving them the tools, support and time to take ownership of their professional development, either to enhance their pedagogical skills, their subject knowledge or their understanding of the child.  This will enable us to raise the quality of trainee teacher outcomes and put all our trainees in an excellent position to secure employment and meet the demands of the NQT year.

Primary General and Secondary trainees participate in CPD sessions on Wednesday afternoons.  Some are cross phase sessions where trainees have the opportunity to link the different stages of pupils learning, from early years through to post sixteen.  Other sessions are focussed on developing subject and curriculum knowledge and are tailored for trainees in a specific phase.

One of our greatest assets is the breadth of the Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE) and members of Leadership Team we currently have delivering on our programme, you can read about many of them by clicking into the gallery below.  Specialist Leaders of Education are designated in accordance with the Department for Education (DfE) Criteria.  You can read more about SLEs on the DfE website here.

This is in addition to the University-led programme on understanding teaching pedagogy and subject specialism.

Each year, we refine our programme in response to the needs of the cohort and emerging educational issues.  Our sessions have been facilitated by a variety of specialists from across the city on topics such as:

Wellbeing, Resilience and Reflection Teach Manchester Core Team
Underpinning Good Teaching Michelle Ames (Assistant Headteacher and SLE)
St Peter’s RC High School
British Values and the Prevent Agenda Michelle Ames (Assistant Headteacher and SLE)
St Peter’s RC High School
Behaviour for Learning Phil Trohear (Deputy Headteacher and SLE) and Leah Moores (SLE)
St Mary’s Primary School
Planning for Learning Ellie Russell (Lead Practitioner)
Trinity High School
The Phases of Phonics Catherine Carling (Assistant Headteacher and SLE)
Bowker Vale Primary School
Assessment for Learning Mick Johnson  (Assistant Headteacher and SLE) Trinity High School
Computing in the Primary School Ben Davies (Computing at School Master Teacher and SLE)
St Paul’s Primary School
Supporting Pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Tracy Gallier (Deputy Headteacher and SLE)
Piper Hill High School
Tackling Bullying Phil Trohear (Deputy Headteacher and SLE) and Leah Moores (SLE)
St Mary’s Primary School
Behaviour and Mental Health Kate Allely (Assistant Headteacher and SLE)
Bowker Vale Primary School
Behaviour Management in Secondary Schools Andy Montrose (Deputy Headteacher)
St Peter’s RC High School
Science in the Primary School Ainsley  Moseley (SLE)
Bowker Vale Primary School
The role and expectations of teaching assistants in your classroom Terri Hargreaves (Teaching Assistant Manager, Course Facilitator for the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme)
Piper Hill High School
What makes an outstanding lesson Michelle Ames (Assistant Headteacher and SLE)
St Peter’s RC High School
Music in the Primary School Jeremy Jackson (Headteacher)
Webster Primary School


Students on our Primary General with SEND programme receive a bespoke programme of professional practice sessions on Monday’s and Friday’s throughout the year; you can read about this and the team that delivers this on the Primary with SEND Programme page.  They join students from our other programmes for a session approximately every half term.

Katie Jones (Deputy Headteacher, Professional Programme Leader)

Michelle Ames (ITT and Leadership and Management SLE / School Direct Manager)

Tracy Gallier (Deputy Headteacher, SLE in ITT and SEND)

Ainsley Mosley (Science SLE)

Ellie Russell (Science Lead Practitioner, ITT Professional Mentor)

Emma McLaren (Vice Principal, Strategic Group Member)

Fiona Hagsharfi (LLME, SLE, Maths Core Group)

Mick Johnson (Science SLE, ScienceCore Group)

Stephanie Pitcher (ITT/NQT Development and ICT SLE)

Ben Davies (Computing SLE, Science Core Group, Computing At School Master Teacher)

Kate Allely (Behaviour and Discipline SLE, SEMH)

Phil Trohear (Behaviour and Discipline SLE)

Leah Moores (Behaviour SLE)