Support for Trainees


Supporting trainees to meet the teaching standards

Trainees have a variety of support available to them.  On all routes this includes:

  • Class / Subject Mentor: this is the person that you will work with on a daily basis.  They will have the overall responsibility for the main class (in primary) or classes (secondary) that you will be working with.
  • Professional Mentor: this is a experienced member of staff in the school and is responsible for the oversight of all trainees in your placement school.
  • Teach Manchester Programme Team: Michelle Ames will lead the team in Primary General and Secondary Subjects.   Tracy Gallier will lead the team in Primary with SEND/inclusion specialism.  In addition, they, as well as other professional mentors will be your main point of contact and will arrange and undertake your Quality Assurance visit.
  • Teach Manchester Administration Team: Kiera Hibbert can support you with any queries regarding contacting your placement mentors, dates and venues of training etc or copies of documentation.  Rachel Eppy can support with any queries regarding student finance, referrals to other services such as support for students with a disability or for urgent support if you have been unable to contact your allocated tutor from the Programme Team.
  • University Tutor/Visiting Tutor: your university tutor will provide support for and/or deliver your university academic programme, provide support for your assignments and may also visit you on placement.

Both Teach Manchester, and the universities offer training and guidance to school based mentors through a variety of group and one to one briefing sessions.

All of our placement schools sign up to comply with the mentor standards which are published by the Department for Education.

Information for those supporting Trainees

The following information is provided as general information for our school based mentor team.  If you required any other copies of documentation please do contact Kiera.



MMU Primary General 

MMU Secondary

University of Manchester

University of Cumbria


Supporting Additional Trainees

We welcome additional schools and mentors to support our trainees through the programme.  Contact us to get involved:

  • Existing schools with the capacity to take on additional trainees should contact Kiera in the first instance.
  • New Schools wishing to support either the Primary General, or Secondary Subject Routes should contact Michelle Ames 
  • New Schools wishing to support either the Primary General with SEND should contact Tracy Gallier (for this route we need mainstream primary schools and any specialist provision where pupils are cognitively working at a primary curriculum level – this may include secondary ages pupils).