MA in Education / Educational Leadership and Management


Teach Manchester will be working with MMU to offer a MA in Education / MA in Educational Leadership and Management at a significantly reduced cost.

There are two entry points to this offer.
In April 2017: we will be running a module for participants to obtain up to 60 credits through the Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) process.  This is suitable for teachers who obtained a PGCE more than 5 years ago; or who have QTS without credits at Level 7.

In September 2017: we will start the first of two modules “Shaping the Future”.  If your PGCE carried masters credits and was obtained less than 5 years ago, you can join the cohort here.

In the spring term of 2018; “Research and Practice” will be our module.  On conclusion of this module you can can exit the course with a Post Graduate Diploma.  For those who wish to go on and finish their masters; the dissertation unit will be delivered back on MMU sites.  Teach Manchester will guarantee access to our strategic leaders for the purpose of your dissertation research.

The two taught modules will each consist of 4 twilight taught sessions plus a workshop session (4-6:30pm).  Reading and an end of module assignment will be expected in each unit.

Face to Face sessions will be hosted at Trinity CofE High School, and library facilities (physical and electronic) will be made available by MMU.

No obligation further information evening:
Tuesday 28th February 2017
Times:  16:15 – 17:30
Venue: Trinity CofE High School, Cambridge Street

Cost:    No charge for information evening

To book a place, please contact Catherine Alnuamaani at


  • 60 credit APEL Unit    £500 (not required if recent Level 7 credits held)
  • Taught Units:               £653 per unit for two units (35% discount)
  • Dissertation Unit:        £2010
  • Registration Fee:        £47

Total Cost for all elements: £3,863 (£3,363 if APEL is not needed).
MMU fees are subject to annual increases.

Funding this course
We are aware of several different school policies on how masters level study is funded, which can include study which is:

  • funded entirely by the school without condition
  • funded by the school, but an agreement is in place whereby if staff leave during a fixed period (or withdraw from the course) the funding needs to be repaid
  • funded through a proportional arrangement whereby the delegate pays part and the school pays part (with or without a retention contract)

Whilst Teach Manchester will not negotiate agreements on your behalf, we can accommodate mixed payment plans in this offer.