Maths Teach Meet

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Everyone is welcome to attend our Maths Teach Meet; trainee teachers and NQTs to Maths Mastery Leads and Heads of Department from both Primary and Secondary Schools.

During the Teach Meet, make you way around the tables, have the opportunity to ask questions and handle resources.

Tables confirmed for this TeachMeet include:

    • Using Algebra Tiles by Lindsey Jones.  Focussing on the use of algebra times from KS2 negative numbers through to KS4 completing the square.
    • Step Up to Science by Nathan D’Laryea.  Focussing on how a jointly planned maths and science unit of work helps to support Year 7 students with the mathematical content needed in science.
    • Maths Applications across the Primary Curriculum by Neil Long
    • The use of Manipulatives in Maths by Nina Ritchie.  Focussing on using manipulatives to support pupils with mathematical thinking. There will be a live demonstration from St. Mary’s pupils on how they use the different tools to enable them to access their maths lessons.
    • Journalling in Key Stage 3 by Jayne Griffiths.  Foccussing on an overview of mastery Year 7-Year 9, with a particular focus on the use of journalling.
    • Knowledge Organisers and Independent Study by Gareth Lee.  Focussing on how we combine a mastery approach with modelling and homework.
    • Maths Mastery in EYFS by Fiona Hagsharfi and Ann Marie Swain Focussing on how to embed the principles of teaching for mastery in an EYFS Setting.
    • A-Level Maths at Trinity by Shaun Barton.  An overview of our teaching methods at Key Stage 5 and the transition from Key Stage 4 to Key Stage 5.  The teaching of Maths and Further Maths A-Level.
    • Open Ended Tasks by Natasha Pavlovskis
    • Maths Hub Update and Get Involved – from North West One Maths Hub


You can book a place online by clicking here, or by contacting Rachel Eppy