National Professional Qualifications – Transpararency Data

As part of our accreditation to deliver the National Professional Qualifications, the Department for Education requires us to publish

  • Cost of participation, including assessment
  • Duration of the programme, and information regarding the type of study.

This information varies by programme and can be found of the respective course pages (Middle Leadership and Senior Leadership).


We are also required to publish our performance against each of the quality metrics.

Metric 1: Recruitment to target number of participants 

 Year 1 Target  Year 1 Actual(part year) Year 2 Target Year 2 Actual Year 3 Target Year 3 Actual
Middle Leader  40  22  40  34  40
Senior Leader  12 7  12  18  12

Participants who have transferred level/cohorts are included with the cohort in which they are currently registered.  (Last Updated: March 2019)

Metric 2: Recruitment of participants where at least 30% of pupils are known to be eligible for Free School Meals 

 Year 1 Target  Year 1 Actual Year 2 Target Year 2 Actual Year 3 Target Year 3 Actual
Middle Leader  no target  18% 18%  36%
Senior Leader  no target  57% 18% 22%


Metric 3: Providers ensure that their allocated target of all those recruited are from a non-white British background, for each NPQ level offered 

Our targets for this metric are listed below.

 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Middle Leader 2% 5%  7%
 Senior Leader 2% 4%  6%

However, due to our small cohort sizes we have suppressed our actual figures out of respect for the privacy of our participants.  We have made this data, which shows that we met each target,  available to the DfE and to Tribal who are the DfE’s appointed Quality Assurance Agent.

Metric 4: Providers ensure that at least 90% of participants present for final assessment within 18 months of formally commencing the programme.

To date; one cohort of participants have reached the end of their programme.  100% of participants presented for assessment during their assessment window.

Metric 5: Providers achieve 95% accuracy level for all their final assessments 

The figures form our moderation reports will be added here on receipt.

April 2019 Report (for February 2019 Submission)

  • Percentage of scripts moderated: 100%
  • Percentage of moderated scripts assessed accurately: 100%
  • Outcome: Assessment is secure

Metric 6: Providers ensure that the aggregated mean rating across all participant feedback received is at leave 6 out of 10. 

The DfE’s QA Agent surveys participants and reports aggregated scores back to Teach Manchester as a provider.

We have received one report to date (as of March 2019) where our participants rated us as follows (all out of 10) .

Overall average rating  8.48
 Course Delivery Avg Rating  8.64
 Rating of costs  7.72
 Rating of assessment requirements  7.52
 Rating of course duration  8.36
 Rating of pre course comms  8.12
 Rating of application – ease  9.00
 Rating of application -  8.36
 Rating of delivery models  8.88
 Rating of delivery method suited to style of learning  8.40
 Rating of how well delivery style matched the topic  8.36
 Rating of how well the delivery style aided  8.52
 Rating of the relevance of resources  8.12
 Rating of expertise of the trainers  9.32
 Rating of quality of delivery of the trainers  9.16
 Rating of peers professional development  8.68
 Rating of opportunities to deal with challenges  8.16
 Rating of opportunity to ask questions  8.88
 Rating of opportunities to identify improvements  8.52
 Rating of opportunity for personal reflection  8.68
 Rating of course content  8.36
 Rating of filling knowledge gaps  8.32
 Rating of development of understanding of leadership  8.88
 Rating of pre and post reading material  8.04
 Rating of how well the provider matched to participant’s  8.72


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