National Professional Qualification in Middle Leadership

We are pleased to be accredited by the Department for Education to offer the National Professional Qualifications in both Middle Leadership (NPQML) or Senior Leadership (NPQSL).  Information on the Senior Leadership Programme can be found here.  Our Next available cohort commences in the Autumn Term 2019

We believe that there is no substitute for human interaction as a driver for leadership development and school improvement.  This philosophy underpins our “NPQ” package ensuring that face-to-face delivery is at the heart of each programme rather than online learning.

As part of our Teach Manchester ethos we strive to support the development of urban leadership.

National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership (NPQML)

Do you currently lead a team or aspire to? Do you want to learn from leaders that have led schools through recent and rapid school improvement journeys?

The NPQML offers a programme of study that explores the role of middle leaders in depth. Middle leaders play a critical part in ensuring that students achieve their true potential and make outstanding progress. The NPQML provides recognition of the development and achievement as a middle leader.

Teach Manchester is unique in offering you:

  • excellent training designed and delivered from a team of established Manchester leaders from primary and secondary schools
  • a programme of study which includes a launch conference at Chancellors\\\’ Conference Centre in south Manchester, with opportunities to network with other local leaders embedded throughout the course
  • an opportunity to develop and lead a team to undertake an in-school transformational initiative, with dedicated 1:1 coaching support from your in-school ‘SLT Impact Coach’ or an assigned Teach Manchester Coach.
  • training events and workshops taking place in various Manchester schools with the chance for participants to learn about effective practice

Benefits to the participant:

  • Developing Leadership and Management skills via a nationally accredited, quality assured programme
  • Face-to-face tuition from proven, practising, senior leaders from Manchester schools, many of whom have led schools through improvement journeys
  • Networking with peers
  • Developing an understanding of current and changing urban context and the need for agile leadership
  • Opportunity to develop and lead a transformational in-school initiative, with dedicated 1:1 coaching support

Benefits to the school:

  • Increases the capacity for devolved leadership and succession planning
  • Motivates and retains ambitious teachers
  • Provides a mechanism for school improvement
  • Secures improvement for identified development areas for school or individuals

Time frame:

Our programme is delivered over a 1-year period; leading to submission approximately 15 months after the start date.  Within this period participants:

  • attend face to face sessions
  • engage with pre and post session tasks
  • work with their peers and programme facilitators
  • embed their skills in practice on an in-school Impact Project

The Project and Assessment:

Within the constrains of the project title which is set by the Department for Education; your project can be tailored to suit your school development priorities.

For the National Professional qualification in Middle Leadership; the set project descriptor is:

Leading an improvement project within their team, lasting at least 2 terms, to improvement pupil progress (part A) and team capability (Part B)

The reflective write up of this project, alongside supporting documents such as a risk register is what is submitted for assessment.


Our fees are fully inclusive of the assessment costs.

  • NPQML: costs from just £999 if your school/trust is able to provide the in-school impact coach for your delegate.
  • Teach Manchester can provide an impact coach at a cost of £200 if the school does not have a suitable coach available.


The  Department for Education have announced that their budget for 2019-20 is most likely spent, and that they are unlikely to fund any scholarships for courses starting between January and March 2020.  The DfE has made no comments regarding the availability of scholarships from the 1st April 2020.

Should this position change and we believe that you are eligible for a scholarship; we will contact you individually.

Please familiarise yourself with our Policy: scholarship.

Apply for our next cohort

We are currently taking applications for our spring term 2020 cohort which commences on 23rd January 2020.

Contact Us:

Please contact Natalie Hardy on 0161 212 1900 or for further information or to book.

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