Our System Leaders


Katie Monfared


Sally Jordan


Lindsey Dunleavy

Lauren Square

Lauren Millington


Peter McGhee (NLFE / Head of Teaching School)


Ainsley Mosley (Science SLE, Science Core Group Member)


Peter Taylor (Deputy Headteacher)


Jenny McGarry (NLE / Head of Teaching School)


Sarah Cooke (SEND SLE)

greame Balfour

Graeme Balfour (Strategic Group Member)

Donna Crawford

Donna Crawford (EYFS, SEND and Curriculum SLE)

SM 404

Sean Mitchell (EYFS SLE)

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Julian Nicholls  (Head of Teaching School)


Catherine Alnuamaani  (Masters Programmes Lead)


Martin Scott


Mark Gibson (English Core Group)


Karen Hogg (Assistant Professional Programme Lead, Primary with SEND)

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Ellie Russell (Science Lead Practitioner, Science Core Group, ITT Professional Mentor)

Jo 404

Jo MacKinnon (Headteacher, Levenshulme High School, Chair of Science Core Group)


Tracy Gallier (Deputy Headteacher, Professional Programme Leader)

Claire Photos-2 copy

Claire Narayanan (Assistant Headteacher, NPQ Trainer)

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Emma McLaren (Vice Principal, Strategic Group Member)

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Fiona Hagsharfi (Maths Core Group)


Jane Griffiths (Maths Core Group, Lead Practitioner)


Ann Flatman (Deputy Headteacher, NPQ Trainer)

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Jan Sorahan (Headteacher)

lucy 404

Lucy Thomas (Headteacher)

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Nathan D’laryea (Maths Core Group)


Neil Long (Maths Core Group)

Rachel J

Rachel Jacques (Headteacher)

Mick Johnson

Mick Johnson (Science SLE, ScienceCore Group)

Jen 404

Jen Griffin

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Linda Jones (NLE / Head of Teaching School)

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Ruth Nutton-Jones (English SLE)

lindsey 404

Lindsey Jones (Maths and Leadership of CPD SLE)

Angela 404

Angela Stansfield (School Business Management and Data SLE)

Steph Pitcher

Stephanie Pitcher (ITT/NQT Development and ICT SLE)

Katie 404x404

Katie Roberts (Behavior and Discipline and SEN SLE)


Cath Jenkins (English SLE)

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Nina Gardiner (School Business Management SLE)

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Ben Davies (ICT SLE)

Kate 404

Kate Allely (Behaviour and Discipline SLE, SEMH)

Michelle Ames

Michelle Ames (ITT and Leadership and Management SLE)

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Catherine Carling (EYFS SLE, phonics)

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Lisa Taylor (Head of Teaching School)

Phil Trohear

Phil Trohear (Behaviour and Discipline SLE)

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Leah Moores (Behaviour SLE)

Jayne - 404

Jayne Davies (Maths SLE)

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Ann-Marie Swain (EYFS SLE)

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Fiona McGarvey (Secondary Maths, Assessment and Other (Timetabling) SLE)

Emma Kirkham (404x404)

Emma Kirkham (Secondary English and CPD SLE)

paul 404

Paul Sanchez (Primary English SLE)


Rachel Eppy (Business Development Manager)


James Cadieux (Play Therapist)

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