I have held the position of Maths Subject Leader since September 2001 and I work hard to ensure Maths is given a high priority within my school as I constantly strive to improve the teaching and learning of it. I support colleagues through, for example, delivering staff meetings, giving advice on how to teach tricky maths objectives, preparing Lesson Study projects to introduce new approaches, arranging training for staff with gaps in their subject and pedagogical knowledge and ensuring that teachers have the manipulatives necessary for children to develop a deep understanding. The last few years have been particularly rewarding as teachers at St Paul’s have embraced the redesigned curriculum with enthusiasm and passion and now show eagerness and determination in developing an approach to mastery in keeping with the needs of our pupils.

I lead by example and constantly seek to improve my own teaching of maths. In 2014 I completed a two year course with M.M.U to become a Maths Specialist Teacher (MaST) and in April 2014 I gained the Professional Development Accredited Lead status from the NCETM. Both served to deepen the knowledge I have developed through embracing the role of Maths Subject Leader for the last fifteen years.

In 2015 I became an SLE for Teach Manchester. Before becoming an SLE I gave school-to-school support to three Manchester Primary Schools. This included: supporting NQTs to help them plan progressive units of work and teaching exemplar lessons to their pupils; supporting a Subject Leader to help develop a post-Ofsted Action Plan for Maths; supporting a Subject Leader who was new to the role. Since becoming an SLE I have supported a Manchester Specialist Support High School to develop a Visual Policy for Calculation.

I am driven by a vision whereby children enjoy learning maths and use it to explore the world around them. Hence I relish the opportunity to continue to support colleagues, both in my own school and beyond.

Ofsted comments : 1–2 May 2013

 “The school has worked hard to ensure that all pupils succeed in their learning, and has been effective in raising levels of attainment … for all pupils in mathematics.”

 “Most of the time teachers do all they can to make lessons as interesting as possible, and provide opportunities for pupils to explore the world around them and find things out for themselves.”

 “Marking is of a very high standard, teachers follow clear guidelines which are consistently applied, and pupils’ books show clear evidence of good progress over time.”

“Newly and recently qualified teachers indicate that the support they receive is second to none, they appreciate that they are able to pursue a range of professional development opportunities relating to the school’s priorities of raising levels of attainment for all pupils.”

Current Scheduled CPD Opportunities

In addition to being available for deployment to support specific schools, Jayne is involved in the facilitation of the following Scheduled Professional Development Opportunities which are open to all.

  • Teach Manchester Maths Conference; 7th July 2017 (further details to follow)

St Paul’s CofE Primary School, Withington

St. Paul’s school has roots in the Withington community dating back to 1844. The school focuses on providing an excellent education for today’s children. The most recent OFSTED inspection reports that St Paul’s School is a good and improving school. This very positive report clearly shows that the school continues to live up to its motto ‘Caring about Learning, Learning about Caring’. St. Paul’s School is proud of the inclusive, broad and balanced curriculum that it offers to all its pupils. Teachers plan creative and stimulating lessons which consider the learning needs of all pupils. Children are organised into mixed year groups as the school has an intake of 45 pupils per year. Setting is used in English and Maths to enable the children to develop a deep understanding of their learning. Effective timetabling ensures that children in all years engage in a variety of lessons throughout the week. Teachers and Assistants support and extend the pupils’ learning within the daily lessons and through intervention sessions.

Our 2016 KS2 results were: (National figures in brackets)

                   Expected Standard          Achieving a Higher Standard
Reading 84% (66%) 49% (19%)
Writing 71% (74%) 18% (15%)
Maths 91% (70%) 27% (17%)
Spelling and Grammar 84% (72%) 44% (23%)


Our results, over time, for maths are:

KS2 2012 2014 2013 2015 2016
L4+ 86% 84% 93% 91% Expected 91%
L5+ 39% 49% 64% 67% Higher standard 27%
L6 9% 20% 16% 22%


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