Leah has worked at St. Mary’s CE PS  in a range of challenging roles with a passion for positive behaviour management, well-being, learning behaviours and pupil voice. This has led to the designation of Specialist Leader of Education for Behaviour with Teach Manchester.

She has developed excellent practice in the improvements in behaviour and personal growth through her excellent classroom practice and high standards, deep understanding of children’s learning and work across a range of ages and contexts.

Leah has trained ITT students, worked with senior leaders and trained staff at different points in their career journey.

Leah deals with staff in a sensitive way and has supported many staff members  in a mentoring and coaching role. She is not afraid to set clear targets and handles challenging situations with great strength and leadership.

Leah can:

  • Support Head teachers and Senior leaders in developing strong pupil voice and outstanding behaviour .
  • Plan and deliver INSET days for groups or individual schools
  • Plan and deliver training in line with schools priorities
  • Plan and deliver staff meetings
  • Support groups or individual staff on developing behaviour strategies inside and outside the classroom.

Current Scheduled CPD Opportunities

In addition to being available for deployment to support specific schools, Leah is involved in the facilitation of the following Scheduled Professional Development Opportunities:

St Mary’s CofE Primary School, Moss Side

St Mary’s C.E Primary School is a Voluntary Controlled Church of England school at the heart of its community. St Mary’s is a very special place. We are an outstanding school where everyone works hard to encourage children to enjoy learning, achieve their best, behave well, support each other and grow in confidence. We aim to help children to grow into confident, talented and articulate young people. We are an exciting and vibrant school where children enjoy learning and make excellent progress. In our school we seek to meet the needs of each individual child. We celebrate diversity and teach children to recognise and respect people’s differences as well as similarities.

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