I am a Deputy Headteacher with whole school  responsibility for Teaching and Learning/CPD at Levenshulme High School. I work within a highly functioning team of staff within my school and also across the Educational and Leadership Trust.

I am passionate about improving outcomes for young people whilst ensuring they enjoy the journey that education offers. I have been privileged to work in a varied range of settings from alternative provision for EBD students to three other mainstream secondary schools.

In recent years via my MA (Educational Leadership) I have explored varied systems and approaches to leadership and the impact leadership has on educational outcomes.  I am an advocate for professional reflection and hold a strong belief in lifelong learning for all. I enjoy networking with other professionals in order to improve outcomes for disadvantaged students alongside all other students through sharing good practice, ideas and advice.

Finally, I believe unreservedly, that every single young person can be successful and am also avid about the benefits of inclusion.