Exploring the New GCSE Grade 9 Content Workshop (Chemistry Option)

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Following requests from a number of schools, this session has been postponed and a new date will be advertised shortly. 

The aim of this workshop is to cover a number of the harder chemistry topics in order to help teachers guide students towards the higher GCSE levels.

This will involve an explanation of the most appropriate teaching methodology, student activities and assessment for learning.


The topics we will cover are the following.



Electrolysis of molten ionic compounds. Discussion of what happens at each electrode. Explanation of electrolysis in terms of redox. Use of electrolysis to extract metals. Electrolysis of aqueous solutions. Use of half equations at the elctrodes.

2. Mole calculations

Amounts of substance in calculations. Limiting reactants.

Using moles to balance equations. Concentrations of solutions.

Percentage yield and atom economy. Volumes of gases.

3.Oxidation and reduction

Oxidation and reduction in terms of electrons. How to identify which species are oxidised or reduced from an ionic equation. How to write ionic equations. How to deduce half equations.

How to link redox to displacement reactions or electrolysis. Introduction to use of oxidation number.

4. Equilibria
The effect of changing temperature, pressure or concentration on equilibria.

5. Reaction profiles for endothermic and exothermic reactions.

Awareness of enthalpy changes. Labelling the diagram. Explanation of activation energy.


You will:

  1. become confident in devising methods and questions to teach quantitative chemistry.
  2. be able to use appropriate activities and questions to enable the more able students to understand the hard concepts of moles, redox and equilibria.
  3. learn how to actively differentiate whilst teaching the harder chemistry topics.

This session is suitable for teachers at all career stages.

Date:    POSTPONED: Tuesday 7th March 2017

Time:   16:15 – 18:30 (register from 16:00)

Fee:     £120 per pair of delegates

Venue: Loreto College, Chichester Road, Hulme


Fees and booking:
You can book for these events by emailing rachel.eppy@teachmanchester.com or telephoning 0161 226 1773.