Exploring the New GCSE Grade 9 Content Workshop (Maths Option)

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Following requests from a number of schools, this session has been postponed and a new date will be advertised shortly. 

The aim of this workshop is to cover a number of topics on Algebra, Probability and Trigonometry which are currently on the A-level syllabus and appear on the new GCSE specification, focussing particularly on the teaching of grade 9/A* topics.

In Algebra, we will look at how to solve quadratic equations using a number of methods, including solving equations where the coefficient of x is more than one, and link this to the roots and turning points of quadratic graphs.We will also look in detail at the topic of functions, including inverse and composite functions.

In Probability, we will focus on Venn diagrams, and in particular how to use them to calculate conditional probabilities.

In Trigonometry, we will look at how to derive the surd forms of trigonometric ratios and how to use them in GCSE-based problems.


The topics covered in this session will include:

  • Expanding the products of more than two binomials
  • Using a number of methods to solving harder quadratic equations
  • Deducing turning points by completing the square
  • Inferring formulae for quadratics from graphs
  • Calculating or estimating gradients of graphs and areas under graphs
  • Solving quadratic inequalities
  • Solving quadratic and linear simultaneous equations
  • Inverse and composite functions
  • Calculating conditional probabilities with Venn diagrams
  • Deriving surd forms of trig ratios


You will:

  1. Explore a number of methods to solve harder quadratic equations and link this to turning points
  2. Explore the effective teaching of Venn diagrams (construction and use) to calculate conditional probabilities
  3.  Devise problem solving approaches to the derivation of the surd forms of trigonometric ratios

This session is suitable for teachers at all career stages.

Date:    POSTPONED: Tuesday 7th March 2017

Time:   16:15 – 18:30 (register from 16:00)

Fee:     £120 per pair of delegates

Venue: Loreto College, Chichester Road, Hulme


Fees and booking:
You can book for these events  by emailing rachel.eppy@teachmanchester.com or telephoning 0161 226 1773.