Our Core Groups

Our Core Groups are themed around our vision of outstanding education for every child by every teacher.


We do not charge for attendance at our Core Groups they are operated on the basis of reciprocity and attendees are expected to both share and contribute as well as learn from the experiences of others.

Each group will have a focus for the year, which is set by group members.  In 2020/21 our groups are primarily working on the following:

  • English (Chair: Emma Kirkham)
    • Debating and oral skills to boost vocabulary
    • Recommendations from the EEF Improving Literacy Teaching Report
    • Contact the Chair 
  • Maths (Chair: Jenny McGarry
    • The Mastery Curriculum; including sharing our journey and ideas through our Teach Meets
    • Contact the Chair
  • Science (Chair: Ben Davies)
  • Mental Health (Chair: Kate Allely) Each meeting will focus on two of these three key themes:
    • A presentation of a piece of research or theory volunteered by a member
    • A presentation of a case study by a member who would like to seek support / ideas from the group
    • A case study from a member who would like to share what is working well with the group
    • Contact the Chair


Many members of our Core Groups are Specialist Leaders of Education and are available for school to school support.  Read more about our System Leaders here.

If you’d like to get involved in any of our Core Groups; please contact either chair of the group (above) or Rachel Eppy.

Our Core Groups are running via virtual meetings until further notice.


1st October 2020
4pm – 5pm
English Core Group
 6th October 2020
 Science Core Group
 7th October 2020
3:45 – 5pm
 Maths Core Group
1st December 2020
 Science Core Group
2nd December 2020
3:45 – 5pm
  Maths Core Group
14th January 2021
4pm – 5pm
 English Core Group
3rd February 2021
3:45 – 5pm
 Maths Core Group
9th February 2021
 Science Core Group
16th March 2021
 Science Core Group
24th March 2021
3:45 – 5pm
  Maths Core Group
22nd April 2021
4pm – 5pm
 English Core Group
11th May 2021
 Science Core Group
23rd June 2021
3:45 – 5pm
 Maths Core Group
24th June 2021
4pm – 5pm
 English Core Group
29th June 2021
4pm – 5:15pm
Science Core Group
Staff Image

Shaun Barton (Maths Core Group)


Nina Ritchie (Maths Core Group)

Ms J Sorohan

Jan Sorohan (Headteacher)

Zoe 404

Zoe Brocklesby (English Core Group)


Nathan D’laryea (Maths Core Group)


Tracy Gallier (Deputy Headteacher, SLE in ITT and SEND)


Lindsey Dunleavy (Maths Core Group)


Jenny McGarry (NLE / Head of Teaching School)

Donna Crawford

Donna Crawford (Acting Head of Teaching School, EYFS, SEND and Curriculum SLE)


Martin Scott


Mark Gibson (English Core Group)

profile pic

Ellie Russell (Science Lead Practitioner, ITT Professional Mentor)

Jo 404

Jo MacKinnon (Headteacher, Levenshulme High School)


Fiona Hagsharfi (LLME, SLE, Maths Core Group)


Jane Griffiths (Maths Core Group, Lead Practitioner)


Neil Long (Deputy Headteacher, Maths SLE, Maths Core Group, NPQ Trainer)

BowkervaleGH 134

Rachel Jacques (Headteacher)

Jen 404

Jen Griffin (English Core Group)

no image added yet.

Ruth Nutton-Jones (English SLE)

lindsey 404

Lindsey Jones (Maths and Leadership of CPD SLE)


Cath Jenkins (English SLE)

Kate 404

Kate Allely (Behaviour and Discipline SLE, SEMH)

Emma Kirkham (404x404)

Emma Kirkham (Secondary English and CPD SLE)

rachel 404

Rachel Eppy (Business Development Manager)

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