Medlock Primary School
Headteacher: Miss Joanne L. Herbert

Medlock Primary School is a much larger than the average primary.  The proportion of pupils supported at school action is broadly average. The proportion of pupils supported at school action plus or with a statement of special educational needs is broadly average.

The proportion of pupils who are from ethnic minorities, and those for whom English is an additional language, is much higher than the national average. Currently 35 different languages are spoken in the school.  The proportion of pupils known to be eligible for the pupil premium is much higher than average. A higher than average proportion of pupils join or leave the school during the academic year.

The school meets the government’s current floor standards, which set the minimum expectations for pupils’ attainment and progress.  The school has an on-site two year old provision and an after school club which are all managed by the governing body.

Key Strengths


Early Years Provision

At Medlock Primary school we have an outstanding EYFS provision which caters for children aged 2-5. Our strengths include, quality first teaching throughout the EYFS, continuous provision that develops learning through consolidation and challenge, development of early language support, effective transitions throughout EYFS and to KS1, outstanding 2 year old provision, effective leadership and experienced, knowledgeable and passionate practitioners.

We can offer – advice and support in setting up and running and effective 2 year old provision, creating challenge for all during independent learning time, developing good to outstanding teaching in phonics, literacy, mathematics and early language, leadership support in analysing data,  creating action plans, closing the gap and measuring impact.

Behaviour Management including positive playtimes and lunchtimes

Every opportunity is taken by staff to enrich the curriculum with outdoor learning. Our strengths include forest school, gardening and horticulture groups, group targeted pastoral support, curriculum enrichment and environmental learning, structured playtimes and lunchtimes offering variety of activities so pupils develop their skills in different sports, exemplary behaviour – adults and pupils manage rare issues proactively resulting in pupils’ learning for themselves how to best manage situations and find value in themselves.

We can offer – advice and support in setting up structured activities at lunchtimes therefore reducing incidents of behaviour related issues, developing high quality teaching and learning in the outdoor environment, behaviour management strategies and support for implementation of school expectations, positive behaviour non-negotiables and behaviours for learning.

Arts and Creative Curriculum

We believe that creativity should be at the forefront of teaching and learning in order to engage, motivate and inspire pupils to reach their maximum potential. Our strengths include the use of sketchbooks embedded from Years 1-6, the use of visual art to support other curriculum areas including reading and writing, a creative curriculum leader who specialises in visual art and the development of a holistic curriculum.

We can offer – advice and support in the implementation of a creative approach to setting up the curriculum, professional development on utilising visual art to support reading, professional development on introducing and embedding the use of sketch books across Key Stage 1 and 2.

Designated System Leaders


Specialist Leaders of Education

Ruth Nutton-Jones; Primary English

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Headteacher: Miss Joanne L. Herbert
Address: Medlock Primary School, Wadeson Road, Manchester, M13 9UJ
Telephone: 0161 273 1830