Singapore Maths In Action!


The Singapore approach is an exciting and effective way to teach maths.  Through well established teaching methods and the use of carefully researched text books, children are able to develop a love and deep understanding that allows them to master maths.

At St Mary’s C.E. Primary we have extensive training and experience of developing the Singapore approach with both our own students and other schools.  We are part of the national text book project, piloting the use of text books in primary schools and our maths lead is an SLE who leads the Primary Singapore Project  for NW1 Maths Hub.

Comments from schools following training on Singapore maths by St Mary’s include:

‘they have all come back fully enthused’

‘everyone came back ready to get going’

‘it really helped to see it in action’ and ‘we feel very inspired’

St Mary’s would like to offer (dependant on Early Years or Primary focus):

  • A demonstration of a Singapore maths lesson
  • Discussion with teachers and maths lead (primary) or Early Years lead (early years)
  • A workshop on the use of text books (primary) or presentation of the principals, progression and planning of early years maths (early years)
  • The opportunity to look at the ‘Maths-No Problem!’ text books and examples of children’s work (primary)
  • Opportunity to look at evidence of GLD (early years)

The cost of the course is £60 per pair of colleagues.

(we are a not for profit organisation and anything we charge is to cover costs of running the workshop) 
A primary focus workshop is to be run at St Mary’s CE Primary on the 14th July 2016 (morning session).
Early years focus workshop to run on 14th July 2016 (afternoon session).

For further details or to book a place please contact Rachel Eppy or 0161 226 1773.