Teach Manchester Paid Internships


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(This text refers to 2016 entry) With Manchester schools struggling to recruit teachers to STEM subject positions and falling numbers of Maths and Physics graduates applying to initial teacher training courses, Teach Manchester is very excited to announce its paid STEM internship programme. The proposed Scheme is funded by the National College of Teaching and Learning and builds upon existing collaborative partnerships between outstanding STEM-rich universities (University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University) and schools with a track record as engaged strategic partners of the teaching school.

After a series of information events and taster days, Ten Maths and six Physics undergraduates will be carefully selected to undergo a four week internship in Teach Manchester partner schools. The Interns will work with enthusiastic and successful NQTs and RQTs, capturing their inspiration and passion for teaching Maths and Physics. They will also meet STEM graduates who have made good, swift progression in their careers and be supported by trained, experienced, mentors who have the capacity to respond to the individual needs of the interns.

One of the main benefits of the scheme will be the wealth of ITE experience in schools, typically only available to trainees from beginning of their first ITT placement when the demands of the classroom may already be challenging graduates skilled in their subject but lacking emotional skills and resilience to succeed in the classroom.

We are now recruiting interns so for further information on the scheme please contact Alison Jay at a.jay@piperhill.manchester.sch.uk